National, regional and international projects

Over the past 10 years, the IIR has been a key consortium partner in international, European and national funded projects. These projects further support the core mission of the IIR to disseminate knowledge on refrigeration in order to improve the quality of life in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.

As the communication leader, the IIR promotes and disseminates the outcomes of international, European and national projects throughout its worldwide network, activities and services and in this framework:

  • Develops and implements communication strategies (traditional and digital)

  • Organises and facilitates project workshops at IIR conferences and co-sponsored conferences

  • Facilitates the publication of academic papers in the International Journal of Refrigeration (IJR)

  • Disseminates project news through IIR digital communications supports and social media

  • Promotes projects at trade exhibitions, international meetings and conferences
  • Creates and disseminates final project outcomes.

Require a dissemination and strategic project partner?


If you are looking for a project partner for refrigeration or cooling technology research projects, contact the IIR Deputy Director General, Dr. Ina Colombo or the IIR head of projects Dr-Eng. Yosr Allouche.





These projects are funded at a national level by countries.





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Funds coming from the main world regions, i.e. the European Union, ECOWAS...




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Funds coming from international organisations/institutions, i.e. the World Bank, UN, UNDP, UNIDO.



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Past projects involving the IIR


Completed projects such as Real Alternatives for LIFE, CyoHub, FRISBEE, the Cold Chain Technology Briefs..



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