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Energy efficiency analysis of a new ternary HFC alternative.

Author(s) : SAMI S. M., SONG B., et al.

Type of article: Article


Presents energy efficiency results for a new HFC ternary blend proposed as a substitute for R502 and R22. The blend is composed of R23/R32/R125. Performance evaluation test results were obtained after an experimental heat pump was set up with a 3 kilowatt rotary compressor. The refrigerants tested under different conditions were R22 as a reference, and R410A, R407C, as well as a quaternary mixture R32/R125/R143a/R134a. States the results show that the proposed HFC ternary blend has a superior performance to the other proposed alternatives under the same conditions. Pressure ratios and head pressures were compatible with new compressors to be used in new systems. In addition, experimental results show that the ternary blend is the best performing replacement for R22 in heat pump applications and low temperature equipment.


  • Original title: Energy efficiency analysis of a new ternary HFC alternative.
  • Record ID : 1999-0064
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Int. J. Energy Res. - vol. 21 - n. 12
  • Publication date: 1997/10/10


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