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Riscaldamento e raffreddamento rinnovabile con pompe di calore.

Renewable heating and cooling with heat pumps.

Author(s) : HALOZAN H.

Type of article: Article, Review


Originally the renewable energy sources in Europe have been biomass, deep geothermal, solar thermal and wind. In the meantime heat pumps as devices that use renewable energy have been added; the discussion on this topic was relatively simple for ground source systems, but it was complicated for air source heat pumps. This acceptance of heat pumps was the beginning of the market break through of this technology in Europe.
In the past ground source heat pumps – sources are the ground, ground water and surface water – have dominated the market, nowadays air source heat pumps are dominating. However, some countries show a revival of ground source systems, even the investment costs are higher; advantages are higher efficiency and no problems with noise. Ground source systems enable monovalent heating operation even in cold climates, and for utilities they are tool for demand side management measures. In the case of large systems the ground can be used as a store, which offers in the case of heating and cooling operation at least improved conditions at the beginning of both the heating and the cooling season.
But there are some other advantages of heat pumps: they can use electricity from fluctuating sources like wind and PV, in combination with stores they can contribute to smart grids. They will act as the main heat generation system for district heating and cooling systems, using natural sources as well as heat recovered from industry and they will be the key technology for making the heating market energy efficient and CO2 free.

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  • Original title: Riscaldamento e raffreddamento rinnovabile con pompe di calore.
  • Record ID : 30017984
  • Languages: Italian
  • Source: Industria & Formazione - vol. 39 - n. 392
  • Publication date: 2015/08


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