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VIII Ibero-american congress on refrigeration sciences and technology, CYTEF 2020

Date: 2020.11.11 / 2020.11.12

Location: Pamplona, Spain


The conference proceedings of CYTEF 2018 contain 83 papers, out of which 29 are in English, 47 in Spanish and 6 in Portuguese. These communications cover the following subject areas: Refrigeration; Food processing and preservation (FPP); Air-conditioning; Applied fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer; Integration of renewable energy systems; Energy eficiency; Energy recovery and storage; Teaching methodologies and techniques; Standards and technical regulations; Cryophysics, cryogenics and cryobiology; Integration of cogeneration and trigeneration systems; Dynamic simulation; Research, innovation and technological development.

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  • Original title: VIII Ibero-american congress on refrigeration sciences and technology, CYTEF 2020
  • Organiser : ITF, UPNA
  • Record ID : 30027843
  • Languages: English
  • Number of articles: 80
  • Publication: Universidad pùblica de navarra - Pamplona - Spain
  • ISBN: 978-2-36215-043-2
  • Series number: 8
  • Conference type: IIR co-sponsored conference
  • IIR commissions: Cryogenics and liquefied gases, Thermodynamics, equipment and systems, Biology and Food technology, Storage and transport, Air conditioning, heat pumps, energy recovery
  • Notes:

    CYTEF 2020

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