National projects

These projects are funded at national level, by countries. Three are currently underway: Indee +, CoolFish and Clim'ECO.


Indee +


Funded by: The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Duration: 3 years (September 2021-September 2024)



INDEE+ is an umbrella project including several projects that support India in a sustainable transition towards more environmentally friendly refrigeration and AC technologies.

The project aims to investigate measures to reduce current high refrigerants  emissions at of the end of the system life through the application of CO2 refrigeration technology in energy-intensive buildings (supermarkets, hotels and fishing vessels) challenging the high ambient temperatures in India. As a strategic partner, IIR is engaged to disseminating the project outcomes, facilitating and supporting knowledge transfer between Norwegian and Indian institutions through the following activities:

  • Development and implementation of the project communication strategy.

  • Dissemination of the project outcomes through digital communication materials (Newsletters, leaflets, editorials) to the IIR network.

  • Promotion of the project at IIR conferences and co-sponsored conferences.

  • Organisation of INDEE+ workshops


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Funded by: The Research Council of Norway

Duration: 3 years (2019-2021)



CoolFish is a project Funded by the Norwegian Research Council that aims to develop integrated technologies to provide energy efficient and climate friendly cooling, freezing, and heating for fishing vessels. The fishing industry has been found to contribute significantly to global warming due to the increased risk of refrigerant leakage caused by harsh sea conditions. Moreover, it is now facing the emergence of new vessels with huge energy demands for preserving the catch quality and produce hot water for new onboard propulsion technologies.  The project aims to develop a next-generation efficient refrigeration system, capable of adapting to new engine technology by using-climate friendly solutions such as the application of natural refrigerants. The project outcomes will be beneficial from both perspectives: energy savings and reduction of the carbon footprint due to refrigerant leakage. The project also aims to establish a knowledge transfer of applied technologies between research and industry and to enhance capacity building.  In CoolFish, the IIR is joining a consortium gathering SINTEF Ocean as lead partner, SINTEF Energy Research and NTNU as research partners and MMC First Process, Bluewild, Selvåg Senior/Sørheim Holding, Øyangen, GASNOR, Danfoss, Perfect Temperature Group and Isotherm Inc as Industrial partners. The IIR will ensure the dissemination activities of the project and facilitate knowledge transfer between the partners. The IIR is also part of the reference group that provides the consortium with advisory services through its extensive network of experts throughout the project.


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Funded by: French Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition and ADEME

Duration: 4 years (January 2020-January 2023)



CLIM’ECO is an energy saving programme aimed at raising awareness, informing and training households, communities and businesses in the French Overseas Territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guyana, Réunion and Mayotte) on how to make better use of air conditioning.

As a CLIM’ECO ambassador, the IIR organised and participated to an awareness-raising workshop and attracted more ambassadors from Guadeloupe. The role of the IIR will be to disseminate information about the project via the IIR’s digital communication materials and social media.

The IIR will be in charge of:

  • Organising and facilitating CLIM’ECO workshops at IIR conferences, co-sponsored conferences and other events.
  • Disseminating CLIM’ECO news through the IIR’s digital communication materials and social media.
  • Promoting CLIM’ECO at trade exhibitions, international meetings and conferences.


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