2015 rings in the EU F-gas regulation

The new IIR Informatory Note presents an overview of HFC Regulations worldwide with a focus on the EU F-gas Regulation .

The new EU F-gas Regulation came into force on 1 January 2015 placing restrictions on the use of certain HFC refrigerants in certain applications.

It is essential for refrigeration equipment owners and managers to know the new requirements of this regulation in order to understand what to do in terms of maintenance, but also renewal or conversion of their facilities.

The 26th IIR Informatory Note provides an overview of HFC regulations worldwide, with a focus on the new EU F-Gas Regulation. It includes details on:

  • the phase-down schedule
  • marketing bans
  • IIR recommendations

This Informatory Note was prepared by Michael Kauffeld, President of IIR Commission B2, with the assistance of the IIR head office and was reviewed by several experts from the IIR network.

Why the Note?

Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are greenhouse gases mainly used as refrigerants. Various agreements or regulations to limit their use and reduce their impact on the environment are being discussed.

In some cases, they are already applied at global, regional and national levels.

With this new Informatory Note focusing on the “F-gas” Regulation and our various publications, the IIR wishes to accompany refrigeration stakeholders in the actions they are taking to ensure compliance with regulatory changes relating to refrigerants.

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