European F-gas Regulation deadline for certification

The European Regulation No. 303-2008, pursuant to the Regulation No. 842-2006 (“F-gas”), has established the minimum requirements and the conditions for certification of companies and personnel as regards stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. According to this Regulation, after July 4, 2011, personnel carrying out activities covered by the F-gas Regulation can no longer operate legally unless they are certified; furthermore, companies employing staff who carry out these activities must have full company F-gas certification; interim certifications will no longer be valid.
In the UK, according to the latest registration figures from Refcom (January 2011), of the 4750 companies which hold certification, only 700 had full certification, the rest hold interim certification.
In France, early January 2011, according to AFCE, about 34 000 people hold the certification (including about 20 000 in mobile air-conditioning sector) while about 100 000 should still obtain it.
Many training sessions were planned before the July 4 deadline; however the potential for a significant percentage of companies to be operating illegally exists.
RAC, February 2011