F-gas Regulation: two European countries receive letters of formal notice

Italy and Romania received letters of formal notice from the European Commission. The two countries have not yet notified national sanctions for violating the fluorinated gases regulations.

In July, the European Commission sent letters of formal notice to the countries of Italy and Romania.

Indeed, under the F-Gas Regulation, since January 1st, 2017, each Member State must set national penalties in the event of non-compliance with the regulations.

In the United Kingdom, for example, infringements can result in fines ranging from GBP 1,000 to GBP 200,000 (€ 1,120 to € 225,000). In Germany, they can range from EUR 100 to 50,000.

Italy and Romania have not yet sent back to Brussels the types of sanctions incurred at the national level. The two countries will have to respond within two months.

F-gas Regulation was only recently implemented in Italy, which may explain this delay. Romania said that the draft law providing for sanctions was in the process of approval.

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