Past projects

Previous European funded projects


  • Real Alternatives for LIFE (June 2017 - June 2020). It was a project to develop a blended learning programme for alternative refrigerants. The programme addresses the safety, efficiency, reliability and containment of low GWP alternative refrigerants (carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrocarbon and low flammables HFOs and R32) and includes various train the trainer sessions. View the website.
  • CryoHub (April 2016 - September 2020). The objective of the project was to investigate and extend the potential of large-scale Cryogenic Energy Storage (CES) and explore the application of the stored energy for both cooling and energy generation. View the website.
  • SuperSmart (February 2016 - January 2019). SuperSmart was an expertise hub for the market uptake of energy efficient supermarkets by raising awareness, knowledge transfer and the preparation of an EU Ecolabel. SuperSmart aimed to achieve both decisive environmental benefits through the fast implementation of efficient heating and cooling solutions, as well as significant economic benefits through reduced energy use in the supermarket sector across Europe. More information.
  • ELICiT (January 2014 -December 2016). The ELICiT project focused on the application of magnetic cooling technology in domestic refrigeration appliances. More information.
  • FRISBEE (August 2010 - August 2014). The objective of the FRISBEE project was to provide new tools, concepts and solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the European food cold chain. View the website.

Previous international funded projects


  • Cold Chain Technology Briefs (2018-2020). In partnership with UN Environment OzonAction, five Cold Chain Technology Briefs were produced by IIR Section and Commission presidents and an IIR member: Fishing vessel application, Coommercial, profesionnal and domestic refrigeration, Storage and refrigerated warehouse, Refrigeration in food production and processing. These notes are translated in French and Spanish. Download in FRIDOC.
  • Cold Chain Technology Brief on Vaccines (2021). In partnership with UNEP, the Cold Chain Technology Brief on Vaccines was produced by GĂ©rald Cavalier the president of the cold chain for pharmaceutical products working group. This brief describes the different cold chain logistics for preserving vaccines products (transport, storage, distribution) and promotes the best solutions for both health and environment. It is edited in three UN languages: English, French and Spanish. UNEP has also translated it into Russian.








  • Assessment of the energy efficiency in retail refrigeration (2019-2020). Funded by UNIDO, the project is to assess the incremental capital and operating costs for improved energy efficiency in domestic refrigeration and in commercial and retail refrigeration in Article 5 countries.