The European Commission has issued regulations establishing standard requirements under the European "F-gas" Regulation No. 842/2006 which came to effect on July 4, 2007: - leakage checking (Art. 3.7) : Regulation No. 1516/2007 of December 19, 2007, details the procedure, measuring methods (direct or indirect) and equipment that certified personnel should use; Regulation No. 1497/2007 of December 18, 2007 defines specific requirements applying to fire protection systems; - data reporting format (Art. 6.2): Regulation No. 1493/2007 of December 17, 2007, sets out the format for data to be submitted every year by producers, exporters and importers ; - labelling (Art. 7): Regulation No. 1494/2007 of December 17, 2007, defines the the form of labels and additional labelling requirements. These regulations entered into force in January 2008 with the exception of the Regulation on labelling which is to be applied with effect on April 1, 2008. The minimum qualifications for training (Art. 5.1) are still outstanding. Consult these regulations: