Low GWP refrigerants for MAC systems: Dupont-Honeywell agreement

DuPont, Honeywell have announced Refrigerants Global Joint Development Agreement in Research for Low GWP Refrigerants for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems. This would enable automakers to meet the new F-Gas Directive on mobile air conditioning in Europe which is scheduled to take effect in 2011. Today's automotive air conditioners use R-134a (an HFC) which is to be banned from new cars by 2011, with transition complete by 2017, according to the Directive. The companies will jointly identify, develop, test and qualify new low-GWP (under 150) and cost-effective alternative refrigerants. Automakers are seeking a commercially viable fluorinated gas solution that is compatible with conventional existing HFC-134a mobile air-conditioning-system technology and offers a more cost-effective industry transition versus CO2 technology (which requires high pressure and very resistant materials). DuPont and Honeywell plan to share resources, investment and technology as part of the agreement. The companies will work closely with the automotive industry in order to qualify a low GWP alternative by mid-2007.