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Etude des modèles permettant la prévision de la quantité d'eau adsorbée par des matelas dispersants au gel de silice.

[In Japanese. / En japonais.]

Auteurs : HAMAMOTO Y., SATO H., SAHA B. B., et al.

Type d'article : Article


Numerical analyses were made on simultaneous heat and mass transfer in packed beds of silica gel. An adsorbing steam, based on a physical model taking account of elemental processes which take place in the bed. Calculations of the amount of adsorbed water from the beginning of the adsorption process were in good agreement with measurements. Differences of calculated amount of adsorbed water between the physical model and a simplified model were clarified. An equation giving the approximate value of local pressure was proposed, based on the calculated data and depending on the bed thickness. It was confirmed that the application of this equation to the simplified model gave more correct calculations. This equation is useful in predicting the amount of adsorbed water.


  • Titre original : [In Japanese. / En japonais.]
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2001-2714
  • Langues : Japonais
  • Source : Transactions of the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers - vol. 17 - n. 3
  • Date d'édition : 2000
  • Disponible à la bibliothèque de l'IIF


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