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La nuova generazione di compressori a vite compatti CS.3: maggiore efficienza energetica nel funzionamento a pieno carico e a carico parziale.

Nouvelle génération de compresseurs à vis compacts CS.3 : efficacité énergétique améliorée lors du fonctionnement à charge partielle et à pleine charge.



The performance adaptation of cooling and air conditioning systems to the actual requirement has always been an important challenge in refrigeration technology. Various control concepts and technologies for capacity control are already in use today. Until now, the focus has rather been on the reliable controllability of systems, and hardly on the efficient part load operation. However, in times of steadily rising energy prices, this is now differently appraised. Up to now, refrigeration and air conditioning systems have often only been controlled downwards to 30°C or even only to 40°C condensing t emperature. Today, modern control concepts are intended to lower the condensing temperature as much as possible to improve the system efficiency. This, however, sets new requirements for the compressors. Reliable, long-time and more efficient operation at lower pressure differences under part load conditions must be guaranteed. The cooling capacity of the compressors increases by lowering the condensing temperature, so that the effective capacity reduction must be higher. A further enhanced screw compressor series takes this effect into account. This series is not only designed for maximum full load efficiency but also for maximum part load efficiencies. The new mechanical slider control offers another application range with regard to lower condensing temperatures and high efficiencies in part load operations which have so far only been possible in connection with turbo compressors. In many cases the efficiency of such screw compressors exceeds the values of speed-controlled compact screw compressors with the same cooling capacity. This results in reduced investment and operating costs for liquid chillers. This efficient capacity control of compressors and an intelligent control in combination with a refrigerant with low GWP value (e. g. R134a) make it possible to considerably reduce the ecological influences of air-conditioning and refrigeration. The following article shows the essential design criteria and differences for compact screw compressors with slider control and frequency inverter operation. Since in addition to the technical solution of efficient capacity control, the representation and comparability with other technologies should also be given, the boundary conditions of current certification programs and international standards are also taken into consideration.

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  • Titre original : La nuova generazione di compressori a vite compatti CS.3: maggiore efficienza energetica nel funzionamento a pieno carico e a carico parziale.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 30005680
  • Langues : Italien
  • Source : Green new deal - green economy. The latest technology in refrigeration and air conditioning: energy issues and climate change, new refrigerants, new European regulations, new plants. XIV European Conference: June 10-11, 2011, Milan.
  • Date d'édition : 10/06/2011


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