Here are the latest IIR award-winners!

Once every 4 years during each International Congress of Refrigeration, the IIR presents a series of prestigious scientific awards:
. Gustav Lorentzen Medal: the prize is awarded to a person with outstanding and original achievements in academic or industrial research, innovation or development, in all fields of refrigeration, thus promoting creativity and renewal in the fields of expertise of the IIR.
. Science & Technology Medal: the medal is awarded for outstanding achievements over an extended period of time in science and/or technology in one of the fields of competence of the IIR.
. Young Researchers Awards: these prizes are awarded for outstanding research work (thesis, dissertation, or various shorter publications of similar importance, if taken together) performed by young researchers on subjects in the domain of competence of the IIR. The candidate shall be 35 years old or younger on the date of conferring of the award.
Young Researchers Awards are awarded by the Science and Technology Council in the following areas:
Peter Kapitza Award: Cryophysics
Carl von Linde Award: Cryogenic Engineering
Sadi Carnot Award: Thermodynamics
James Joule Award: Systems and Equipment for Refrigeration
Alexis Carrel Award: Cryobiology, Cryomedicine
Clarence Birdseye Award: Food Science and Engineering
James Harrison Award: Refrigerated Storage and Transport
Willis H. Carrier Award: Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Here are the award-winners who received their awards during the Gala Dinner that took place during the 23rd IIR International Congress of Refrigeration held in Prague, Czech Republic, on August 21-26, 2011:
. Gustav Lorentzen Medal: Professor Predrag S. Hrnjak (USA)
. Science & Technology Medal: Mr Andrew Cleland (New Zealand)
. Peter Kapitza Award: Ekaterina Navasardyan, Russia (in recognition of work on heat and mass transfer processes on regular packings of distillation plant columns)
. Carl von Linde Award: Ke Tang, China (in recognition of work on Thermoacoustic refrigeration)
. James Joule Award: Tatsuya Oku, Japan (in recognition of work on Analysis of the lubrication mechanism of the thrust slide-bearing in scroll compressors)
. Sadi Carnot Award: Tatsunori Asaoka, Japan (in recognition of work on Ice slurries and systems used to produce ice slurries)
. Clarence Birdseye Award: Edward Hammond, UK (in recognition of work on Cold chain including retail display refrigeration and hydrocarbon refrigerants)
. James Harrison Award: Andrew East, New Zealand (in recognition of work on Storage and logistics of perishable products, transport and storage technologies)
. Willis H. Carrier Award: Marija Trcka, The Netherlands/Serbia (in recognition of work on Simulation for performance prediction of innovative integrated mechanical energy systems in buildings).

The IIR is delighted to be able to provide recognition for outstanding contributions to refrigeration. Watch this space for information on how to send applications for awards to be presented during the 24th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration to be held in Yokohama, Japan, in 2015.