Activités de la Commission B1 de l'IIF : "Thermodynamique & Processus de transfert"

La thermodynamique est essentielle pour tous les sujets couverts par l'IIF.
Thermodynamics of the working fluids and refrigerated products, and of the cycles used to transfer heat from low to higher temperature is essential for all topics covered by the IIR. Also, the transport properties of working fluids and refrigerated products and the momentum, heat and mass transfer processes investigated in this commission are essential for most of the topics covered by the IIR. In this respect, Commission B1 is interwoven with all the other commissions of the IIR.

In the framework of the IIR’s Strategic Plan, Commission B1 has drawn in 2005 a list of research priorities, some of which are still relevant. For instance one of these topics was “advanced universal concepts of TEWI and/or LCCP (Life Cycle Climate Performance)” which has very recently (January 2016) resulted in the Guideline for Life Cycle Climate Performance and a related Informatory Note. This guideline has been developed by a working group under leadership of Prof. Yunho Hwang, vice-president of Commission B1.

Some of the other 2005 research priorities are still actual but new challenges have also shown up as a follow up to the Paris agreement of December 2015. It is our job as researchers in industry or academia to meet those challenges.

IIR’s Commission B1 includes 61 experts from 22 IIR member countries on four continents, as illustrated in the pie diagram, and is extremely active, participating in many IIR activities aimed at promoting knowledge related to thermodynamics and transfer processes of refrigeration and heat pump systems.

Since the last IIR International Congress of Refrigeration in August 2015, Commission B1 has participated in 3 IIR conferences and 5 IIR-co-sponsored conferences.

One of the latest ones was the very successful 12th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants, which took place in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, from 21 to 24 August 2016 and was attended by 264 delegates. A total of 147 papers have been presented during this event dealing with diverse topics including commission B1 topics as optimum system design, heat transfer processes, sorption processes, new “not-in-kind” refrigeration cycles, thermodynamics and heat and mass transfer of refrigerant-oil systems and component optimization. Five members of Commission B1 contributed to the scientific committee of this conference. A joint Commissions B1-B2-E1-E2 business meeting was organized during this conference, allowing commission members to review ongoing projects.

The 864 participants and 478 papers presented during the IIR-co-sponsored 2016 Purdue Conferences (Compressor Engineering, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and High Performance Buildings), held in Purdue University, West-Lafayette, USA, from 11 to 14 July 2016, confirm the large interest in the refrigeration topics and specifically those related to thermodynamics and transfer processes. Also during these conferences, a joint Commissions B1-B2-E1-E2 business meeting was organized, allowing commission members to review ongoing projects.

Upcoming IIR events involving Commission B1 include the TPTPR2017, the 5th IIR Conference on Thermodynamic Properties and Transfer Processes of Refrigerants, which will be held this spring from 23 to 26 April 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. This is a conference mainly (but not only) on Commission B1 topics and I hope that all Commission members will attend this event. In May 2017, the 7th Conference on Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Technologies will be organized in Ohrid, Macedonia and in September 2017, the 9th International Conference on Compressors and Coolants will be organized in Bratislava, Slovakia. In May 2018, the 12th IIR- Conference on Phase-Change Materials & Slurries for Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (PCM 2018) will be held in Orford, Canada. In June 2018, the 13th IIR-Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants - GL2018 will be held in Valencia, Spain. Finally, the 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2019) will be held in August 2019 in Montreal, Canada.

The IIR Working Group “Phase-Change Materials and Slurries for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” (chaired by Dr. Laurence Fournaison) has been extremely active for a long time. It has organized the PCM 2016 conference in Karlsruhe (Germany) last May and it will organize the upcoming PCM 2018 conference in Orford (Canada). Dr. Andrej Kitanovski, a Commission B1 member, contributed to the international advisory board of Thermag VII, the conference associated with the activities of the IIR Working Group “Magnetic Cooling”, last September in Turin, Italy.

An IIR Informatory Note on Solar Cooling has been prepared by Prof. Renato Lazzarin and will soon be published. An IIR Informatory Note on Cogeneration / Trigeneration, prepared by Prof. Michel Feidt, has just been published.
Mid 2016, the Commission B1 members have been consulted on several topics. Although only a limited number of members responded, the majority showed interest in participating more actively in the IIR Working Group on Magnetic Cooling; the research interests of the different members are quite diverse but there is a large interest in transfer processes in refrigeration / heat pump equipment.

Finally, I would like to thank all Commission members who have taken part in Commission B1 activities and the IIR staff who facilitated these activities. Your contributions are highly appreciated.

Carlos Infante Ferreira
President of the IIR’s Commission B1