Africa: a project to replace CFC chillers in Africa

A new UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) joint project aims at replacing chillers in several African countries. A survey conducted in Cameroon, Egypt, Namibia, Senegal and Sudan, identified a total of 340 chillers that use CFCs as a refrigerant. Over 85% of these chillers were located in Egypt and Nigeria. Replacing them with new 40%-more efficient chillers will lead to an indirect emissions reduction of some 462 400 tonnes of CO2e annually and a direct phase-out of around 80 tonnes of CFCs required for servicing the chillers annually. The agreement will implement an innovative and commercially viable strategy and help remove relevant barriers. It also includes the transfer of green technology, the creation of a working fund mechanism, the management of CFC stockpiles and an awareness raising campaign.