Agents d'expansion de mousse: l'utilisation du R1233zd (E) se répand (en anglais)

Honeywell a annoncé que TCL, l'un des plus grands fabricants d'électroménagers de Chine, a choisi le HFO1233zd (E) comme agent d'expansion de mousse dans ses réfrigérateurs domestiques.

Honeywell announced in August 2017 that TCL, one of China’s largest appliance manufacturers, selected HFO1233zd(E) as foam blowing agent in its domestic refrigerators.

In 2014, Whirlpool US appliance manufacturer had opted for R1233zd(E) instead of HFC-245fa. The same year, Haier had chosen R1233zd(E) instead of cyclopentane. Later, Midea and Hisense, other major Chinese appliance manufacturers also opted for this new blowing agent.

R1233zd(E) has a GWP of 1 and is non-flammable. Honeywell, which states that refrigerators using R1233zd(E) are 8–10% more efficient than units using cyclopentane, and 2% more efficient than those using HFC-245fa, says there are now more than a dozen appliance manufacturers worldwide using R1233zd(E).

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