Are you familiar with Fridoc, the IIR’s database?

Readers of the paper Bulletin (or the e-Bulletin) of the IIR are regularly informed on the latest articles and publications in all refrigeration fields, thanks to the Abstracts section. Fridoc now contains over 81 500 references to articles and publications, i.e. all the references compiled in the Bulletin since 1982. Abstracts of over 500 papers from the proceedings of the Beijing Congress held in August 2007 have now been added to Fridoc, which now contains 2500 references to CO2, 1000 references to ammonia and over 700 to slurry/slurries. Fridoc is accessible online and constitutes the largest database entirely devoted to refrigeration and its applications. All members of the IIR have free access. Find out more and arrange a free trial: In order to become a member of the IIR and benefit from Fridoc free of charge and a wide range of other products and services, please contact: