La conférence ATMO Europe 2022 sur les frigorigènes naturels publie son programme (en anglais)

The 12th edition of the event will take place in-person in Brussels (Belgium) on November 15–16.

This year’s summit, the 12th edition of ATMO Europe, will be held at the Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre in the Brussels city center.


In addition to industry case studies covering carbon dioxide/CO2 (R744), hydrocarbon and ammonia/NH3 (R717) refrigerants, the two-day programme will feature end-user experiences and policy developments. Other topics will include market updates on heat pumps, the health and environmental impact of f-gas refrigerants, training, SF6-free switchgear technologies, the ATMOsphere Natural Refrigerants Label, and the Cold Chain Innovation Hub (CCI-Hub) in the Philippines.






ATMOsphere Europe is organised by shecco, a Brussels-based ambassador of natural refrigerant and clean cooling technologies