Brief: CFC- and HFC-free refrigerators now in Brazil

At the beginning of December 2004, Brazil 's first CFC and HFC-free refrigerator rolled off the BSH Bosh und Siemens Hausegeräte GmbH production line. Following implementation for several years in Europe , then in Australia , China , India and Japan , the production of refrigeration appliances using hydrocarbons is now making its debut in South America. Since 1997, BSH's Brazilian factory has used exclusively CFC- and HFC-free insulating foam. However, the switch to pure hydrocarbon refrigerants has been a more drawn-out process. Developmental work is to be completed by the end of 2005, so that all Brazilian-manufactured BSH appliances will be entirely CFC- and HFC-free. Consult the IIR summarizing file "Review of CFC- and HFC-free refrigerators worldwide":