Brief: Reefer

Safmarine's improved reefer technology is providing solutions enabling the exporting of perishable produce previously considered as being unsuitable for shipment by sea. Safmarine South Africa was the first company in its network to ship 40-feet Magnum containers to the Far East. The containers can maintain a temperature of -35°C in ambient environments of up to 50°C, this being roughly 10°C cooler than most refrigerated containers, thus enhancing the shelf life and quality or products such as fatty fish, mussels, shrimp and ice cream. Safmarine also added two new Big White vessels to its fleet in 2005 in order to boost trade of refrigerated cargo between South Africa and Europe. The Big Whites carry up to 900 40-foot equivalent water-cooled containers and previously airfreighted produce such as deciduous, citrus and exotic fruits, vegetables, flower bulbs, meat, seafood and nuts. Safmarine uses high-tech tracking and data exchange for its super-ventilated units used for commodity shipping.