Brief: Transit warehouse dedicated to pharmaceutical products

DHL Danzas Air & Ocean has created one of the first air transit warehouses under customs with controlled temperature solely dedicated to pharmaceutical products. This 1000 m2 warehouse is intended for pharmaceutical and derived products with added value whose qualities must be preserved thanks to an uninterrupted cold chain. In order to do so, this warehouse was entirely designed referring to Pharmaceutical Distribution Good Practice. It includes different defined areas with controlled temperatures: a 400 m2 area at 15-25°C, another 400 m2 area at 2-8°C and an area of 20 m2 at -20°C, as well as two areas for reception and preparation of the dispatched products of 100 m2 each at 15-25°C. The main characteristic of this site is that the scanner in the reception area and the pallet pit in the preparation area are also under controlled temperature. Moreover, the floor coating is suited to the warehouse temperatures and the trolley wheels are also specially designed so as not to damage nor soil this coating. The site is managed using specific operational protocols in terms of personnel, access security, maintenance, and hygiene control.