Briefs: 5000th fridge bought back in Australia

The 5000th fridge has been collected as part of the NSW Government-backed Fridge Buyback programme. Climate Change Minister Carmel Tebbutt said the households that sold their second fridge to the scheme for AUD 35 would save a total of almost AUD 1 million on energy bills this year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5000 tonnes. "Every fridge taken out of circulation saves one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions a year and an average of AUD 190 on electricity bills," she said. The collected fridges under the scheme were professionally degassed and the metals recycled. Refrigerators account for about 13% of a household's electricity use and older fridges can use up to three times the energy of new fridges. Almost a third of Sydney households have a second fridge. To be eligible for the buyback, the refrigerator must be a working second fridge that is at least 10 years old and with a capacity of at least 250 litres.