Briefs: Codex Alimentarius: Quick Frozen Foods Code adopted

Codex Alimentarius: Quick Frozen Foods Code adopted The recommended International Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Quick Frozen Foods (QFF) has just been adopted at Step 5 and then directly at step 8 (final adoption) at the 31st Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (FAO/WHO organization) in Geneva on July 1, 2008 (137 countries were present). As mentioned during the session, the IIR started the task assigned to it by the Codex Secretariat in 2000, as a way to practically associate an intergovernmental organization with scientific and technical expertise; 10 experts prepared the first draft presented in 2001. We would like to thank all those involved. The US representation then took over, and there were several versions taking into account the observations of the Codex member countries; lastly, Thailand hosted a final and constructive Task Force meeting last February in Bangkok. The final version of the QFF Code will be placed on the Web site of the IIR very soon.