Briefs: Cool job

Cooling Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building is not without its challenges. The huge cooling plant designed by ETA M&E's district cooling division supplies chilled water for the Burj Dubai, Dubai Mall and two 5-star hotels. Inside the Burj Dubai, there are heat exchangers at three different elevations with independent primary and secondary chilled water pump sets for delivering the chilled water and circulating it through air-handling and fan coil units installed on different floors to achieve air conditioning. The chillers installed on the 155th and 159th floors are said to be the highest air-cooled chillers in the world. According to ETA M&E, the toughest challenge in meeting the cooling requirements is to ensure that the chilled water piping network inside is capable of withstanding extraordinarily high hydraulic pressures, besides the compatibility of pump sets and other special heavy-duty accessories.