Briefs: Dehumidification and cooling system cuts energy consumption by 43% in meat processing plant

Cooling and dehumidification costs in a meat plant in Germany have been reduced by a system using hot and cold water from other processes. According to DuCool, TönniesFleisch plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück is saving annually 165 000 € in electricity costs (1.5 year payback) while improving working conditions, reducing safety hazards and prolonging equipment lifespan, thanks to their DuHandling system. TönniesFleisch recently added a new wing to its plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, which contains a washing and cleaning system that creates a high level of humidity, causing hazardous and uncomfortable working conditions as well as corrosion to equipment. Engineers from the company determined that 30 000 m3 clean air per hour would be necessary to keep humidity at reasonable levels if a conventional air conditioning system were used. But the system applied uses 6 DuHandling units that uses waste heat to generate cooling and dehumidification with a small post-treatment air handling unit that is much smaller than would be needed in a conventional solution. The unit dehumidifies the space, prevents growth of mould and mildew and maintains the required conditions of 22°C and 50% relative humidity, while using approximately 40% less energy than a conventional air-conditioning system.