Briefs: Middle East - DuPont expresses anger over counterfeit R22 and R134a refrigerants

DuPont has set up a task force to help local authorities deal with refrigerant counterfeits in the Middle East, it claims are potentially harmful. Pascal Faidy, business manager at DuPont Fluorochemical Refrigerants, claims they were dangerous for those working directly with the refrigerant and contained ozone-depleting substances such as R12 and therefore did not comply with the CFC phase-out, the deadline for which is 2009 in the region. They also witnessed cases of some of them damaging components in air-conditioning systems. Many of the counterfeit refrigerants are believed to emanate from certain Asian countries and are destined for the Middle East, due to the region's high demand for R22 and R134a for air-conditioning systems.