Briefs: TimeTemp

The Norwegian manufacturer TimeTemp has developed an innovative, small self-adhesive label attached to food products. The company says its innovative shelf life indicator is able to precisely measure the freshness of food items as they pass through the supply chain from factory to consumer and could lead to a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated. It contains a range of non-toxic chemicals which react and change colour according to time and temperature. The technology is applicable for all products where quality and lifespan depend on time and temperature variables during storage, as well as items where quality depends on maturity and ageing. The technology is based on the actual storage conditions each individual product is exposed to rather than a general estimate made at the processing plant. A prototype of the device is being tested by the grocery chain NorgesGruppen, baked goods supplier Lantmännen Unibake, and McDonald's Norway. Sources: Food Quality News, The Research Council of Norway For a greater insight onto indicators and monitoring throughout the cold chain, download free of charge the IIR's Informatory Notes on Temperature Indicators and Time-Temperature Integrators and on RFID Technologies for Cold Chain Applications: