Capacité des entrepôts frigorifiques aux Etats-Unis en 2013 (en anglais)

La capacité brute d'entreposage frigorifique aux Etats-Unis représentait 4,06 milliards de m3 en 2013, soit une augmentation de 2% en 2 ans.
Gross refrigerated storage capacity in the United States totalled 4.06 billion cubic feet (115 million m3) on October 1, 2013, an increase of 2% since the previous survey was conducted two years ago. This was the 48th biennial survey of refrigerated warehouses.

The five States with the largest gross warehouse capacity (million cubic feet) were California with 557;  Florida, 277; Georgia, 243; Pennsylvania, 243; and Wisconsin, 220.

Usable refrigerated storage capacity was 3.32 billion cubic feet (94 million m3), or 82% of the gross space. Usable freezer space was 78% of the usable refrigerated space with the remaining 22% used as cooler space. Convertible refrigerated space was classified as usable freezer space.

Public warehouse refrigerated storage capacity totalled 3.08 billion (87.215 million m3) gross cubic feet in 2013, accounting for 76% of the total storage. Public storage capacity increased 2% since 2011 and is 31% above the public capacity of ten years ago.

Private and semiprivate warehouse refrigerated capacity totalled 978 million gross cubic feet (27.694 million m3), or 24 percent of the gross refrigerated space.  

Refrigerated storages: Includes refrigerated facilities classified as general storages, plus facilities classified as storing only cheese, meat, nuts, or citrus concentrates.
Public refrigerated storages: Refrigerated facilities maintained for storing food for others at specified rates per unit.
Private and semiprivate refrigerated storages: Refrigerated facilities maintained by an operator to facilitate his principal function as a producer, processor, or manufacturer of food products. The space is used to store the owner’s products, although some space may be used by others at specified rates per unit stored. Working space, chill rooms, and curing rooms in meat storages are not included in the storage statistics.
Cooler space: Space that maintains temperatures between 0 and 10 °C.
Freezer space:  Space that maintains temperatures at 0 °C or lower.
Gross space: Total area under refrigeration, measured from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.
Usable space: Actual area used for storing commodities. Gross space less an allowance for aisles, posts, coils, blowers, etc.
Number of storages: Storages at different locations are counted separately even though operated by the same management

Source: USDA