Centres de données : projet de refroidissement par immersion

Le plus colossal projet mondial jamais réalisé de refroidissement par immersion diphasique (2PIC), planifié dans un centre de données de plus de 40 MW bâti par le groupe BitFury, est en cours de réalisation dans la République de Géorgie.
The world’s most powerful two-phase immersion cooling (2PIC) project, which will be deployed in a 40+ MW data center being constructed by BitFury Group, is currently underway in the Republic of Georgia.

Immersion cooling or liquid cooling is growing in popularity across the globe. 2PIC involves placing hardware in an accessible tank of fluid coolant with a low boiling point, such as 3M Novec 7100 fluid (61°C/142°F).

As the hardware heats up in the tank, it boils the fluid, and this change in state pulls the heat away from the components. The fluid becomes a vapor, rises, condenses on a water-cooled condenser coil and falls back into the tank without the use of pumps.

The streamlined system is claimed to deliver up to 95% cooling energy savings with minimal fluid loss.