"Chain of Thought" e-Newsletter

The second issue of Chain of Thought, the e-Newsletter of Food Chain Intelligence (Australia), has just been published. In this second issue, the environmental impact of food supply chains - a topic that is rapidly gaining importance in the food industry - is explored. In Australia, increasing regulatory efforts are putting pressure on companies to report environmental performance by July 2008. Simultaneously, public concerns on these issues has increased dramatically. "Food Miles", carbon footprints, eco-labelling and other aspects are frequently discussed in the mainstream media. However, there is a lack of discussion on how these issues are interconnected and how these affect food companies as a whole. In this newsletter, a bird's eye view of the environmental issues associated with global food supply chains is provided. Dr Estrada-Flores, member of IIR Commission D2, is the editor of Chain of Thought. Download a .PDF version of the newsletter: www.food-chain.com.au/Cold_Chain_Consulting_newsletter.html