Commerçants européens et remplacement des HFC (en anglais)

Dans un sondage mandaté par Emerson, 140 professionnels français, allemands et britanniques du secteur de la distribution ont commenté leur sensibilisation aux technologies durables liées à la réduction progressive des HFC.
In a survey mandated by Emerson, 140 French, German and British professionals in the retail sector commented on their awareness of more sustainable technologies related to the phase down of HFCs. The survey shows that 56% of the respondents have started making the shift away from HFCs. Among them, 47% have switched for low GWP HFCs or HFOs, 37% for CO2, and 16% for hydrocarbons. But it is interesting to underline the discrepancy between reality and the ideal choice evoked by the retailers, since their preference was for CO2 (38% of the respondents), followed by hydrocarbons (25%) and low GWP HFCs and HFOs (21% of the respondents).

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