Commercialisation de climatiseurs fonctionnant au R32 au Japon (en anglais)

Les entreprises japonaises Panasonic, Hitachi et Fujitsu ont rejoint Daikin et Mitsubishi Electric en annonçant la commercialisation de climatiseurs fonctionnant au R32.
Japanese firms Panasonic, Hitachi and Fujitsu have joined Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric in announcing the introduction of air conditioning units running on R32.

As R32 pioneer Daikin prepares to introduce the first air conditioning unit running on this “mildly flammable” refrigerant into Europe this month, its Japanese competitors are following suit with R32 product launches in Japan.

Designed to replace R410A, R32 is a single component, zero ODP gas with a GWP of around 650, significantly less than R410A’s 1,980. It is classified as A2L, or mildly flammable, under ASHRAE classifications. One of two components, R125 being the other, that form R410A.