Compresseurs à spirale à variateur de fréquence à haut rendement.

Résumé d'un article intéressant provenant de la conférence de Purdue de 2016 sur les compresseurs.
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16th International Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Conference
23rd International Compressor Engineering Conference
4th International High Performance Buildings Conference

We present here an interesting paper from the second conference:

High-efficiency inverter scroll compressors

In their paper, Y. Murakami et al. presented technical solutions used by Daikin Industries to improve efficiency of inverter scroll compressors at low load rate.
The authors stress that improving the compressor efficiency is essential for building air conditioning systems, which are widely spreading now. About 90% of the yearly operation time is at 50% or less load rate, which means that for further energy savings, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of the operation at low load rate.
When the load rate becomes low, the operation compression ratio also becomes low, which leads to low rotation speed of the inverter compressor. At load rates lower than 30%, the traditional inverter scroll compressor has a huge drop down of its efficiency due to the leak loss.
In addition to traditional technologies used by manufacturers to achieve high efficiency and reliability, the authors presented two additional technologies which significantly improve compressor efficiency: the back pressure control in order to prevent the turnover of the orbiting scroll even at a low compression ratio operation and the injection mechanism with check valve to achieve high efficiency, both at rated condition and at low compression ratio condition, by minimizing the dead volume of the compression chamber.

Yashiro Murakami and al. (2016). High-efficiency Inverter Scroll Compressors. Paper presented at the 23rd International Compressor Engineering Conference . Purdue. United States.
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