Conditionnement d'air individuel pour les sieges d'avion (en anglais)

Gentherm, partenaire de Fraunhofer, a développé un siège d'avion climatisé pour la classe affaires .

During the Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA), which took place April 25-29 2018 in Berlin, air-conditioned business-class seats were presented. Developed by Fraunhofer partner Gentherm, the seats combine active ventilation using thermoelectrics and heat control using several heating elements, resulting in optimal temperature control of the seat's surface, as well as continuous moisture removal. The seat's surface, therefore, always remains comfortable.

The Aviation Double Seat was created on the basis of findings from the EU-funded project iSPACE (Innovative Systems for Personalized Aircraft Cabin Environment) and developed by several partners including Gentherm, Fraunhofer and nine European partners from the aviation industry. As part of the project, the participants have worked on technologies that will enhance the comfort of passengers, enabling them to adjust their personal indoor environment and adapt the temperature and airflow to suit their personal needs.

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