Conférence PCM2016: Système d'accumulation thermique de chaleur latente basée sur un coulis d'hydrate de TBAB

La combinaison d'un système d'accumulation thermique de chaleur latente et d'un coulis d'hydrate de TBAB peut réduire de manière très significative le coût de systèmes
Latent heat thermal storage (LHTS) systems can be applied to minimize the discrepancy between energy supply and demand in cold applications. Combining this system with night time generation of TBAB hydrate slurry can significantly reduce the investment cost of systems for cooling purposes.
TBAB hydrate slurry generation requires temperature around 12°C, operates at atmospheric pressure and, from an energetic point of view, application of this slurry can contribute to significant energy savings.

In this paper* presented during the PCM2016 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany, in May 2016, a numerical model of a LHTS system is coupled with a hydrate crystal growth model, which has been validated by experimental data collected with a coil heat exchanger for TBAB hydrate generation.
The model has been used for the estimation of the production of TBAB hydrate slurry in an air-conditioning system. Results indicate that with a cold storage tank of 300 L, a cooling capacity of 3 kW can be obtained when slurry is produced during the night time.
The COP of the system is significantly improved combining with a latent heat thermal storage system and night production.

Zhou H, Infante Ferreira C. TBAB hydrate slurry based latent heat thermal storage system.
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