Corporate Members: news

- Danfoss has experienced booming sales 18% growth over the first three quarters of 2007. Sales reached 2.2 billion €. Growth in China and Latin America was particularly positive and end of year sales are expected to top 3 billion €. - Grundfos A/S has won the European Environmental Award (EMAS) for good environmental management in recognition of its waste minimizing (1/3 less waste over a 10-year period) and handling practices. - Nestlé reports sales of 47.1 billion € over the first 9 months of 2007, this being a rise of 7%, in spite of commodity price hikes. Greatest growth occurred in Asia, Oceania, Africa and America. Nestlé Nutrition products did particularly well and boosted revenue by 9.7%. - Ramon Vizcaino is a leader in the Spanish industry, with over 65 years of activity in the refrigeration sector: design, construction, and installation, in a broad range of fields including logistics, distribution, industrial and chemical processes, milk products, liquid products, meat products, fruit and vegetables. The company employs 420 persons. It is also actively developing the use of CO2 in the meat industry and is setting up partnerships with other companies interested in leading environmentally friendly policies. - Star Refrigeration won the RAC Gold Award 2007. It was presented during the annual Cooling Industry Awards ceremony. This award recognizes Star's huge efforts to develop new environmentally friendly technology. Among examples: the high efficiency Indigo chiller, the Envitherm 50 heat pump that uses transcritical CO2 to simultaneously chill and heat water, and a supermarket cooling system using volatile pumped CO2. Star's project also won a Cooling Industry Award.