Costco condamné à payer une amende de 270.000 euros en raison de fuites de R22 (en anglais)

Selon une décision de l'EPA et du Département de la justice américain, Costco Wholesale Corporation, la 2e plus grande chaîne de distribution des Etats-Unis, est condamné à payer 270.000 euros d'amende et à améliorer la gestion des frigorigènes de ses 274 magasins.
In a settlement announced in September 2014 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Justice, Costco Wholesale Corporation, the second largest US retailer, will have to pay USD 335,000 in penalties and to improve refrigerant management at 274 stores at an estimated cost of USD 2m over the next three years.

The EPA found that Costco violated the federal Clean Air Act by failing to repair R22 leaks between 2004 and 2007 and failing to keep adequate servicing records of refrigeration equipment.
Under the settlement, Costco will implement a refrigerant management system to prevent and repair coolant leaks thus reducing its corporate-wide average leak rate by one-fifth (from 24% in 2011 to 19% or less by 2017).

Costco will also have to install and operate glycol secondary loop refrigeration systems and centrally monitored refrigerant leak detection systems at all new stores for three years.