Daimler teste des prototypes de systèmes de conditionnement d'air mobile au CO2

A l'inverse de la plupart des constructeurs automobiles qui ont fait le choix du R1234yf, Daimler a commencé à tester des systèmes de conditionnement d'air mobiles utilisant le CO2.
Following submission by the German motor vehicle authority (KBA) of its final report to the European Commission in November 2013, DuPont estimated that “KBA confirms once again that its testing produced no adequate evidence of a serious risk related to HFO-1234yf”.

Daimler, which refuses to use R1234yf on the basis of its own tests, considers that “KBA states that the safety level of vehicles using R1234yf is worse in comparison to R134a” which is not acceptable.

Unlike most of the car manufacturers which opted for R1234yf, Daimler has started testing mobile air conditioning (MAC) systems using CO2, developed with a view to meeting the 2017 deadline fixed by the EU MAC Directive to use refrigerants with a GWP lower than 150 in new cars.

Volkswagen is also said to have prototypes under development and plans to have some series equipped with CO2 already in 2016.  
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