De l'eau traitée pour le froid urbain (en anglais)

À Dubaï , Empower prétend avoir préservé 735 000 m3 d'eau douce l'année dernière en utilisant de l'eau traitée dans ses systèmes de froid urbain. (en anglais)
In Dubai, Empower claims to have saved 735,000 m3 of fresh water last year by using treated water in its district cooling systems.

Empower (Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation), said to be the world’s largest district cooling services provider in the region, achieved the savings in line with the directive of The Crown Prince of Dubai’s stipulation that district cooling (DC) companies must opt for sea water, grey water or treated sewage effluents (TSE) in order to preserve the country’s water resources.

Most real estate projects in Dubai are equipped with district cooling services which require large quantities of water. By using sewage or recycled water, a huge step in water conservation is made.

“Under the directive and vision of the Government of Dubai and the UAE toward sustainable practices, we have been able to achieve global excellence in adopting TSE water for DC services, proving that DC is the ideal solution for meeting the demand for the chilling sector without compromising on saving fresh water,” said HE Ahmad Bin Shafar, chief executive officer of Empower.

For example, Empower has switched to the TSE system of Dubai Municipality to obtain water for its cooling towers in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). A polishing plant with a capacity to deliver 1000 m3/day of pure water has been installed in DHCC District Cooling Plant based on Reverse Osmosis technology.  This is designed to purify the water in order to minimize the contamination of the DHCC cooling tower plant equipment and to minimize water wastage.

Empower first began the transition from fresh water to treated water in four plants – in Dubai Healthcare City, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai International Financial Centre and Business Bay – leading to significant water recovery. The scheme won the first Innovation Award by International District Energy Association (IDEA), in 2013. Empower also succeeded in implementing a new system to restore the cooling water exploited in the refinery for reuse.