De l'énergie solaire et cinétique pour recharger le système de refroidissement de conteneurs de camions (en anglais).

Ce système pourrait permettre d'économiser jusqu'à 20.000 litres de carburant par an et diminuer le coût des opérations de transport.
A clean cooling technology has been developed by the Mexican group ISA Tracto C for trailer containers. Using sunlight and kinetic energy, the system would allow savings of up to at least 20,000 litres of fuel annually and reduce costs of transport operations.

Two prototypes have already being tested in the State of Mexico. The automatised system of the containers allows cooling engines to run on solar energy through panels. The technology has the potential to store up to one hundred hours of solar energy. An auxiliary battery supplied with kinetic energy (from the movement of the tires when the tractor is on the road) takes over when the main power source drops to 30% capacity.

According to Flores Huerta, Project Leader, this container technology has great potential. In addition to decreased costs for the carriers, this process could open primary markets like the food and pharmaceutical industries.