De nouveaux défis pour les applications du froid dans les sciences de la vie (en anglais)

Suite au 2e Atelier de l’IIF organisé sur les "Applications du froid dans les sciences de la vie", Ralf Herzog, Président de la Section A de l'IIF, a rassemblé les principales informations recueillies dans ce domaine sous forme d'un nouveau dossier thématique disponible sur le site de l'IIF. (en anglais).
The 2nd IIR Workshop on "Cold Applications in Life Sciences" was held in Dresden in September 2016.

Following this event, Ralf Herzog, President of IIR Section A, has summarized key information in cold application in life sciences in a new thematic file that you can find on the IIR website.

He describes some specific topics covered during this successful workshop:
- Cryobiobanking of biologicals,
- Advanced devices and procedures for cryopreservation,
- 3D-scaffolds and tissue engineering for different applications,
- Pharmaceutical freezing and storage of active agents.

R. Herzog highlights in this new thematic file the importance of freezing and cryoprocessing which are becoming an essential production step in life sciences. Immense progress is being made in cold application in life sciences, correlating with new solutions for producing, storing and the handling of bio-products along the production chain up to the end-user.

The 2nd IIR workshop has shown the variety of new challenges and the new horizons in cold applications in life sciences. It was a successful workshop with interesting presentations and a lot of talks about the topics stimulating new co-operations. It was a meeting for many young researchers as well.