De nouveaux guides du PNUE sur l'élimination des HCFC (en anglais)

Le PNUE a publié 2 guides pour aider les pays en développement à éliminer les HCFC.
UNEP has produced two guides to assist developing countries in their phase-out of HCFC.

According to the Montreal Protocol, Article 5 countries were obliged to freeze baseline consumptions (average of 2009-2010 HCFC consumption) by 1 January 2013 and achieve a 10% reduction in consumption by 1 January 2015.

The first guide “Good Servicing Practices: Phasing out HCFCs in the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Servicing Sector”, was developed to help National Ozone Units and training institutions create HCFC phase-out training sessions for refrigeration servicing technicians.

The second guide “Phasing-out HCFCs in Small and Medium-sized Foam Enterprises” is aimed at manufacturers currently using HCFCs in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and other foam sectors.