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Le logiciel pour optimiser la qualité des aliments, la consommation d'énergie et l'impact environnemental d'une chaîne d'approvisionnement alimentaire.

In order to help reaching zero GHG emissions of food chain industry, a web tool able to simulate an entire food supply chain from farm to fork is developed within the project. The calculation evaluates the greenhouse gas emissions at each stage of the supply chain and gives detailed metrics like quality criteria indicators for products, energy consumption and equivalent CO2 emissions.


By using this tool, it is possible for business, researchers and individuals to analyze “what-if” scenarios to make informed decisions and optimize supply chain sustainability. The user can tailor the simulation to match a specific food supply chain, compare the environmental impact of diverse scenarios side by side to identify the most sustainable options, potential emission reduction strategies and best practices to minimize the carbon footprint of a food supply chain.


This web tool is under development, but can be tested at its early stage. Feedback will be highly appreciated.


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