Dernières tendances dans le marché mondial du R32.

Le R32 gagne en importance comme frigorigène alternatif dans le conditionnement d'air.
Although it is classified as A2L (mildly flammable) in international standards, R32 is gaining importance as alternative refrigerant in air conditioning, especially since its GWP of 675 is one-third that of R410A.
At present, R32 air conditioners are sold in various countries with the exception of China, the Americas and Africa. According to JARN, the total cumulative sales of R32 units in the entire global market, excluding Japan, is projected to reach 4 to 5 million.
The top seven markets - Thailand (where R32 occupies more than half of the room air conditioning market), Indonesia (more than one third), India, Vietnam, Australia, Italy and Taiwan - occupy most of the demand for R32 air conditioners, but the percentage of R32 units is still small in other countries.