Des matériaux à changement de phase dans les réfrigérateurs domestiques

L'utilisation de matériaux à changement de phase (PCM) dans les réfrigérateurs domestiques pourrait se révéler une solution innovante en termes de stabilité thermique et d'efficacité.
The application of phase-change materials (PCMs) in domestic refrigerators could be a novel solution to improve appliance thermal stability and efficiency.

A team from the Department of Urban Engineering, London South Bank University modeled compressor performance of domestic refrigerators equipped with PCM slabs of various sizes and positions.
It was demonstrated that efficiency increased when a larger compressor was used in order to accumulate high cooling capacity in a PCM, thus increasing the refrigerator autonomy, i.e. off-cycle period, without power supply from a few minutes to several hours.

Employing thin (5mm=) PCM slabs ensured that the net volume of the compartment was not substantially reduced, while moderate length compressor running times was obtained, yet allowing for 3-5 hours of continuous operation depending on the thermal load.
A horizontal PCM configuration was found to be more efficient than a vertical one.

The use of phase change materials in domestic refrigerators applications, C. Marques et al