Des piles à combustible pour refroidir les camions

En remplaçant le système de refroidissement traditionnel alimenté par un moteur diesel, il serait possible d'économiser environ 38 litres par jur et par camion et de réduire significativement le bruit et les émissions polluantes.
The refrigeration systems in four delivery trucks in Texas, California and New York will soon be fuelled thanks to fuel cells.
The US Department of Energy (DOE) Pacific Northwest National Library (PNNL) is overseeing the project with two fuel-cell manufacturers Nuvera and Plug Tower. Industry officials estimate that approximately 300 000 refrigerated trucks with auxiliary power units are on the road in the United States.

Replacing the traditional diesel-powered cooling unit, users could save approximately 10 gallons a day per unit and significantly reduce noise and pollutants emissions as fuel cells only reject heat and water.

Plug Power is to work with Carrier Transicold and Air products to equip trucks making deliveries for a Sysco food distribution facility on Long Island.
Nuvera also announced that plans for bringing a TRU fuel cell product into Europe were being considered.