Differentiated chilling for meat

A new intelligent-pad-chilling method for meat carcasses developed by DMRI Consult for the Danish Meat Research Institute, is claimed to be able to reduce meat weight loss by 90% and reduce energy costs by approximately 50%. Each carcass is covered in separate chilling sections and two fixed shells close around the carcasses. The brine-cooled cooling element is made of flexible material that moulds itself to the carcass. It is divided into three different sections: hams, middles and forelegs. This intelligent pad chilling method makes it possible to chill all the parts optimally by controlling the temperature and circulation of the refrigerant in a differentiated system responding to 3300 measuring points on the carcass. The process is faster and allows for more even chilling. If tunnel cooling systems are replaced by the intelligent pad chilling method, the payback period should be 1.5-3 years (one or two shifts). The new system should be available in 4-5 years.