Économies d'énergie grâce à une nouvelle technologie de dégivrage (en anglais)

Une nouvelle technologie qui, d'après ses concepteurs, pourrait faire économiser 1,94 milliard d'euros sur les coûts énergétiques du froid en supermarchés a été présentée.
A new technology, which could save 1.94 billion € on supermarket refrigeration energy costs, was presented to Cleantech investors in Monaco on March 27 and 28, 2014.

Frigesco has developed and patented a system for improving energy efficiency in refrigeration systems by eliminating the need for any external energy source to run the defrost process. 

The Frigesco defrost system uses a small thermal store to stock recycled waste heat used to defrost an evaporator with a thermo siphon. The thermal store also sub-cools the liquid entering the cabinet increasing benefits during the period when the cabinet is refrigerating. The  system is said to be virtually energy-free and rapid with much less unwanted heat entering the cabinet. Tests have shown a possible reduction of at least 25% in total refrigeration power consumption.

Frigesco estimates the worldwide annual potential energy savings from adopting the Frigesco™ System in supermarket display cabinets alone amounts to 1.94 billion € with rapid pay back on the installation costs. The technology can also be applied to all parts of the cold chain from domestic freezers, cold rooms, refrigerated containers and heat pumps.

The company is now commercializing a cold room defrost system, with store trials scheduled to start in April 2014. Development of a Retail Display Cabinet version is under way, part funded by a DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund grant with support from a major European cabinet manufacturer.