Editorial de Didier Coulomb

A new year is beginning. Perhaps it will be a difficult year because the economic crisis is far from over. A lot of challenges and maybe opportunities lie ahead, because the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector, which needs to address environmental issues, summarized in the Focus, is changing and will continue to adapt fast. In this changing context, we felt it was vital to completely revamp the information technology which is at the heart of our activities: the IIR must change in order to meet the increasing needs of our clients in a better manner, by adapting to new information technology and drawing on the rich array of Internet technology now available. As of the second quarter of 2011, you will be able to use a true refrigeration portal linking our Web site and our Fridoc database currently containing 88000 scientific and technical documents from all parts of the world and in all refrigeration fields, open to all visitors. Fridoc will have new features: on-line downloads, multisearch features, user-defined alerts sent out at regular intervals; files and reviews articles will be available via the portal. The IIR's directories (Expertise and Laboratory Directories…) will have new features. New services such as the International Dictionary of Refrigeration will be added to the portal in order to make it not only the reference portal in the refrigeration sphere, but also a portal you won't be able to do without. Until you are able to experience this new technology, best wishes to you and all the best for your professional activities in 2011. Didier Coulomb Director of the IIR